Objectifs : inconnus
for "Objective(s)" exhibition, August 2022
within Short Cut film festival, Serbia
"Objectives, goals. We each have several in life, those of long term and those of short term. But if we look at the lives of others, their choices and decisions, we frequently wonder what their motivations might be. Instead of wanting to understand them, I chose to follow people - as is the quest of any documentary and street photographer - and to capture the moment when they are about to make a decision: to change direction, sit on the sidewalk to wait for an Uber, take a picture of a broken facade, etc. Furthermore, each of these decisions is accompanied by another: that of the photographer who, it seems, sometimes forgets his initial quest and lets himself be seduced by the magic of a banal scene."
(text accompanying the submission,
translated from French)
The photos in this project are a selection for an upcoming exhibition/contest.

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