Les Nuances de la longévité
(3rd anniversary poster)
On célèbre le troisième anniversaire de la sortie de mon premier court-métrage, Les Nuances de la longévité. Cette parodie des films documentaires des années 1990 parle d'une vampire émancipée qui lutte contre toute forme de stéréotypes ou de discrimination.

We are celebrating the third anniversary of the release of my first short film, Shades of Longevity. This parody of 1990s documentary films is about an emancipated vampire who fights against all forms of stereotypes or discrimination.
'Fun Facts' about Shades of Longevity?
- On the original poster is one of my photos of the yacht harbor in Liège, Wallonia. However, not a single scene was shot there.
- Also none of the actors present in the film are Belgian, even if the protagonist Anne Karski comes from Belgium.
- The original idea was born during a course in documentary film/photography that I had taken at the University of Liège. It took me a long time to write a screenplay.
- Speaking of the script, its text and the final version of the film are different. I told the actors they were allowed to improvise, and some did. So all the moments of hesitation and bloopers are real.
- After the movie came out, I learned that one of my favorite filmmakers, Jim Jarmusch, directed a movie about vampires. It's just a coincidence.
- Filming took place in March 2019. Although the actors were wearing light clothes, it was extremely cold, so much so that we couldn't finish one outdoor scene.
- To achieve the atmosphere of the 1990s, we used a portable camera from that era. Yet, it is repeatedly stated that the film takes place after 2020.
- A member of the cast tried to convince me to include a scene where the vampire throws herself on a member of the filming crew -- in order to pay homage to "Man Bites Dog", a cult film in Belgium.
- At the end of the closing credits is a short line that reads, "During filming, no vampires were harmed."
- Originally, the scene where Anne and the presenter of the show are strolling in the street was supposed to be shot at night. However, this was too complicated with an old analog camera.
- Indeed, using the old analog camera took a lot of risks ... and requirements. Every scene was shot on a digital - modern - "backup camera" in case the main camera didn't work. It means that there is an entire digital version of the film.
- During one scene, the lapel microphone on the presenter's jacket stopped working, but no one noticed. For this reason, it was necessary to double a passage of about ten seconds. Paradoxically, this short dub was the most laborious work of the whole project.
- Despite widespread rumors, actress Chloe Brescia (vampire) did not drink human blood to prepare for the role.

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